Why is pooping, so important for the skin?


Our poop is the all of the stuff our body doesn’t want or need anymore – the waste – the toxins, the parasites, the bacteria.


If we don’t poop this waste out – it seeps back into our body creating havoc with our health (think cancer and inflammatory diseases) and when the body cannot handle anymore it expels as much as it can out of our largest organ – our skin.


Think of your body like a sink full of left-over dirty washing up water. It’s full of grease, bits of food residue, soapy water and is pretty disgusting.


You then pop a glass in to wash it – scrub it – and it comes out looking – well – not clean. So, you open up the plug and all of the water runs away, leaving a film behind.


You then run warm water through it – give it a scrub and you have a clean sink.


If you unplug the sink and the pipe is blocked (like your bowels) the dirty water just stays there, and slowly and steadily bacteria start to form in this water – parasites start to live in it – get my drift?


In the case of your body – it wants to get rid of the dirty stuff, the food residue, sugar, grease, undigested proteins, alcohol and water – so it starts seeping out of your pores. Unfortunately, on its way out it destroys collagen and elastin, and it can also make you break out.


Not knowing what is going on with your skin – you see the breakouts, or your skin looks dry, saggy and lifeless, or worse eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and or rosacea – so you start piling on skincare products, or treatment creams.


Most modern products are loaded with toxic ingredients (even the natural ones) so now your skin is being suffocated from the outside and struggles to detox itself even more!


But to add insult to injury – your gut flora is now totally out of whack, you are full of toxins, parasites (yes, I am not joking!)  – your pipes are blocked – the parasites and bad bacteria have killed off the good bacteria – or the food waste has suffocated the good bacteria – so you start craving sugar.


The sugar then helps feed the bad bacteria making the problem worse. You are now full of putrefied rotting poison, slowly seeping back into your blood stream and not only destroying your skin, but also increasing your chances of cancer and inflammatory diseases.


If you are not a regular pooper, as in pooping at least once daily – DON’T start consuming huge amounts of fibre drinks or supplements – you will just add more glue to your already clogged up bowels.


Think ‘Draino’ (drain blockage clearing product) – it breaks down the dirt in your sink – doesn’t add more filler – so this is what we have to do to your bowels.


But unlike the sink – you actually need to not only flush the bowels of unwanted residue – but you then need to start adding healthy – microbiome growing nutrients to the bowel.


Firstly, let’s talk pooping again – we need to remove all of the waste before we start adding good.


Step one.


Drink lots and lots of clean filtered water, I am talking 2 – 4 litres daily – this is not negotiable.


Step two.


Add chlorophyll to your water. Chlorophyll detoxes the body and the bowels – it creates an alkaline environment and gets your bowels moving. (to the point it can give you the runs).


Start by drinking 10 mls per day in 2 litres of water – you can up it to 20 mls, and if your body can handle that – even take 30 mls. If you really want to get things moving – for some drinking 3 litres of water in one day with 30 mls can get things moving really quickly.


Buy it in liquid form – the versions with peppermint flavouring are the best. I find purchasing it from iHerb is the easiest – they have a few to choose from with no added fillers.


Step three.


Choose a good laxative.


I recommend natural ones over the classic laxatives – they are less likely to cause dependence – and not only flush the bowels – but will help with the removal of all of the parasites you have been growing in your gut.


A few I would recommend are;


Blooms Herb-a-lax powder – not the tablet but the powder. It not only helps make you poop but it also adds fibre and calms an irritated bowel. Because it’s a powder you can take a decent scoop the first time and lessen it as you go till you can stop using it.


If you don’t poop every day, you can take a small amount daily to help you along – it’s better than not pooping, even if it is not ideal.


If you have been blocked for a very long time – and are prone to becoming blocked as your bowels have not worked efficiently for a very long time – I recommend a monthly or bimonthly flush with Poop Doc. This works like Draino – and if you have not pooped for a very long time – doing the flush will help you on your way to better pooping!


If you think that you may be a walking parasite hotel – you could also look at using something like Enzymatic Therapy whole body cleanse When you become constipated your whole body is unable to detox itself – so this will sort things out in every department.


Step four.


Seriously look at your diet.


With all of the obsessive diets being ‘the thing’ at the moment, I am finding more and more men and women are becoming constipated. Unfortunately, a diet high in protein and dairy without enough fibrous vegetables will possibly make your metabolism burn fuel faster because it builds muscle mass – but it doesn’t help your body flush itself.


Good fats such as avocado, olive oil, flaxseed oil, hemp oil and coconut oil will help you poop.


Green vegetables, red vegetables and yellow vegetables help you poop.


Small quantities of fruit in the morning before 12 pm help you poop. Pears being one of the best fruits for this – it is high in fibre and seems to work for many people.


Eating fruit at night-time will put too many sugars into your body just before bed and can be counterproductive.


High fibre breakfasts such as oats, paleo muesli and any muesli which is not loaded with refined sugars or refined cereals are good for pooping. Instead of milk use any plant-based milk for better results. Some people even find that using Raw honey helps them. Raw honey (please note I keep saying Raw) has multiple health benefits, so won’t harm you at all (and it tastes delicious).


Raw almonds, walnuts, pecans and brazil nuts are great natural sources of fibre and good oils – all fantastic for pooping.


Step five.


Increase your inulin intake – otherwise known as prebiotics.


Inulin is a type of dietary fibre which helps your digestive system, and helps the body eliminate. It is actually a fructan – which means it feeds the good bacteria in the gut.


The best forms of inulin are;


Chicory root


Jerusalem artichoke




Raw asparagus


Raw onion pulp, or raw onions


You can buy it in tablet or powder form – fabulous for mixing into a morning smoothie! (the only way I can consume Jerusalem artichoke as it tastes nutty in the drink, whilst baking it is not a favourite flavour as far as I am concerned.)


Chicory root coffee (decaf) is an easy way to consume chicory.


Although I hate raw onion, and despise my husband eating it as he renders himself un-kissable for 24 hours, it is good for you.


Cooking with garlic (but don’t fry it to death) is also a great way of increasing your inulin – or you can actually take garlic tablets ( I recommend Kyolic tablets as the garlic has been aged for 20 days – which makes it medicinal and stops the garlic breath and burp).


Step six.


Chlorella (not chlorophyll) tablets.


Chlorella is a nutrient dense algae – similar to spirulina. It has multiple benefits, one of them being it detoxes your body by collecting the toxins throughout your system and helping you poop them out.


It also causes peristalsis in the gut – meaning – it causes the involuntary constriction and relaxation of the muscles in the intestine which makes you poop.


Why is this necessary? Your muscles need to push the waste out of your system as you go to the toilet.


This is really important for people who have had problems not pooping for a very long time (or post-menopausal women, many who suffer in this area) because it helps the bowels to do what they are supposed to do – push the waste down and out. If you have been suffering from constipation for a long time – this will not cure it, but it will help over time – promise!


Plus, the chlorella is so amazing for your skin because if supports collagen growth and loads your body up with much needed nutrients in a form it can use.


Step seven.


Get yourself onto a high potency probiotic – there are so many different forms of flora to help get your microbiome back up and running.


Ideally start on a lower dose probiotic and then take a stronger one the second round – if you take a high count the first round you may find yourself feeling nauseous and really unwell.


The one I like – but you may find others suit you better are California Gold Nutrition – they start at low doses and go up to very high. They are also vegetarian (but I am pretty sure they are vegan probiotics)


Just in case you didn’t know this –  you are supposed to poop a minimum of once per day, and ideally two – three times per day!


Happy pooping!


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