You can have your bread and eat it too if you are on a gluten free, vegan, paleo or gut health diet!


This bread is the most delicious gluten free bread I have ever tasted, it is brilliant for someone who is on a candida diet, or gut health diet as well as being vegan friendly and paleo.


This recipe is my friend Susi’s recipe – I am so grateful she has shared it with me.


Instead of flour – you use buckwheat flour, brown rice flour and potato flour – which gives it the loveliest of textures and flavours. Plus buckwheat flour is high in natural plant protein – making this a good source of protein for everyone especially vegans.


The biggest problem I have found being gluten free, is that it is that all gluten free bread is dry – and usually starchy – plus normally a few days old from the store and has been frozen.


Baking your own gluten free bread is often a pain in the butt, but although this recipe looks hard – in actual fact is extremely easy – there is just a lot of leaving it – so I recommend you set your alarm on your phone and get on with your day – or you will be hanging around the kitchen for hours!


Once you try this you will never eat bought gluten free bread ever again – and love my friend Susi as well for her recipe!


I make it as organic as possible – and get all of my ingredients from The Source Bulk Foods


Having an electric scale comes in handy for this recipe because it is all in grams.




8 grams instant yeast



20 grams sugar (to ferment the yeast)

Add these together and let rest till bubbles start to form – approximately 5 minutes

150 grams warm water (150 ml)





20 grams psyllium husk



12 grams cider vinegar


Combine these and set aside

249 grams warm water (150 ml)





130 grams buckwheat



100 grams potato starch


Mix these together well

9 grams brown rice



10 grams salt



1 teaspoon carraway seed (if you like)



How to

Mix instant yeast mix and psyllium mix together – then add flour.


Knead for approximately 5 minutes – ideally with a dough hook – or you can do it with your hands as well on a rice floured surface.


Form the dough into a round and place in an oiled bowl (the oil stops it from sticking) and cover with a damp cloth. Place in a warm area and let rest (prove) for 1 hour.


Dust a batten (Ideally use a batten like this one – but if you don’t have one of these – just use a bowl (but if you like making this bread and make it again – the batten stops the stickiness) or a bowl with rice flour and transfer dough into it. I find that I need to reshape it as it has become fluffy and super sticky!


I recommend you oil your hands before handling the bread each time to stop it sticking to you!


Cover again with a damp cloth for 1 hour.


20 minutes (or however long it takes for your oven to heat up) before your bread is ready to be places in the oven – turn your oven on to 230 -240 degrees Celsius.


Line a baking tray with baking paper and place a bowl of water in the oven just before you are about to put the bread in – then wait for the oven to reach 230 degrees Celsius again.


Using oiled hands – take the bread out of the batten (or bowl) and shape it to the shape you would like it – run a knife across the top to scour it a couple of times and place in the oven for 15 minutes.


Take the bowl of water out of the oven after 15 minutes and leave the bread for another 15- 20 minutes – or until it looks baked.


Once baked turn out onto a wire rack and try to keep your hands off it! So yummy with healthy vegan butter (another recipe I will share!)  


Happy bread making! x


Thank you for reading my blog!


I am Yvette van Schie, I am a holistic beauty therapist, skin nutritionist, skincare developer and makeup artist. I am passionate about sharing real beauty advice with a whack of reality.

For over 30 years I have worked with the best in the beauty and health industry as a trainer, educator  and product formulator and I still do – so my knowledge is diverse – I am not blinkered when sharing my information with you because everyone I speak to shares what they know, and I turn it into easy to digest information because I want my readers to feel empowered to make their own decisions and to feel that they are fully in control of their beauty and well being.


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