Why is French Clay so great?
Why is French Pink Clay better than the other pink clays?

Why are French Clay’s so much better than any other Clay?

I know it sounds a bit biased – and even a tad snobby? But French Clays are just better than any other clay available on the market.


Different countries as we know have different types of minerals depending on our prehistoric history.

For example – green clay is made up of seaweed such as kelp from when the area used to be under water. Depending if the water was fresh or salt water will affect the quality of the clay today.

The same goes for Moor mud – Hungary is famous for this mud because of the ancient minerals found in this beautiful mud.

But I digress.

The harvesting of the French Clay I use is environmentally sensitive. The Clay is either sun dried, or in a climate-controlled oven which is ensures that their mineral content is maintained.

Argile Du Velay clay has been awarded COSMOS certification by ECOCERT


Green Clay

French Green Clay is composed of iron oxides, illite, kaolinite and montmorillonite clays. It is high in silicium and aluminium oxides and kelp seaweed, along with other decomposed plant matter, that contribute to its green colour.

French Green Clay one of the most absorbent cosmetic clays. With its negative charge and very fine texture, it acts as a magnet, drawing out the negatively charged toxins and poisons from the skin, washing away impurities and leaving your skin clear, smooth and hydrated.

It is also toning and firming while stimulating circulation. It exfoliates dead skin cells and draws out infections so is amazing for acne, cysts, whiteheads and thick and congested skin. Used regularly it will reveal a smoother, fresher complexion.

It makes a great overnight pimple popper because it draws out infection, heals and calms down the redness at the same time.

Compared to other clays, Green Clay not stripping like Bentonite Clay and it is more absorbent than Kaolin Clay, making it a better and safer choice for treating problematic and severely oily skin.

Green clay is also used in alternative medicine, both externally and internally, for many reasons, but mostly for cleaning and detox because of its vast absorbent properties. Illite is also used to relieve menstrual cramps, morning sickness, diarrhea, indigestion, and heartburn.


Pink Clay

French Pink clay is perfect to use on every skin type, particularly sensitive and dry. Enriched in minerals it can help to restore and replenish the skin by locking in moisture and draw out impurities whilst lightly exfoliating the skin to reveal a glowing complexion due to its slightly grainy texture.

French pink clay is real pink clay. Most pink clays are a mixture of red and white clay – whilst the French Pink Clay contains pink quartz and is naturally pink because of this.

The minerals found in pink clay are iron, illite, montmorillonite and calcite.

For dry and sensitive skin types, pink clay stops any irritation and inflammation whilst promoting a healthy cell turn over, which results in dry skin concerns such as dry flaky patches on the skin look visibly brighter and smooth in appearance.

Another reason pink clay is great for drier skin types is to do with the that the fact the clay doesn’t remove skin’s natural oils which keeps it balanced and comfortable.

Dehydrated skins will also notice how the skin feels more plumped and glowing with a helping hand from pink clay to stay hydrated, which can seem like a tricky task in colder temperatures. Luckily pink clay can protect the outer layer of skin from environmental aggressors, such as the weather and pollution.

Oily skins will experience a completely different selection of results when using pink clay. Don’t be fooled by the gentle approach of this clay on sensitive skin, it is indeed gentle, but powerful. Congested, blemish-prone skin will find pores are minimised, blackheads and spots are reduced and no signs of aggravation to cause any further breakouts.


Red Clay

Red French Clay is an active mineral mask, rich in iron oxide and copper which are important elements that help the skin to breathe, slowing the skin’s ageing process. 

The deficiencies of these elements cause the outer layer of skin to thin, becoming dry and inelastic.

Red clay is an important medicinal and cosmetic tool as it’s a powerhouse of iron oxide which regenerates tissue, skin structure and cell renewal and elasticity. It’s also great for strengthening and firming the skin, for sun-damaged skin and to reduce broken capillaries, varicose veins, stretch marks, bruises, burns and circulation.

Red clay when used in its natural form without added chemicals has a wonderful rejuvenating effect which helps to retain the skins Acid Mantle (The acid mantle is a very fine, slightly acidic film on the surface of human skin acting as a barrier to bacteria, viruses and other potential contaminants that might penetrate the skin thought to be washed away by chemical filled soaps and cleansers)

These beautiful French Mineral Clay masks don’t need anything added to them to make them better. They can be mixed together to achieve super results!

If you would like to make them more medicinal – you can add essential oils to them, or for a creamier texture, you can pop a few drops of the Everything Skin Oil into the mixed mask – this will stop it from drying on the skin so it stays wet longer which is great for dry and dehydrated or sun-damaged or sunburnt skin!

If you would like help choosing your mask – feel free to contact me via the contact me page!



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