How to treat Maskne
Maskne treatment

I will first explain what causes Maskne – yes, I know you have heard it before – but has it been explained correctly?

Maskne is caused due to the bacteria from your mouth mixing in with the dead skin cells your skin is shedding (it does this over a 2 – 4 week period), and the oil from your skin, makeup and sunscreen.

The skin cannot breathe and becomes irritated and inflamed – and with everything just being pushed back into your skin – no wonder we end up with acne, eczema, or dry skin.

The usual recommendation for treating Maskne – is to use a foaming cleanser and an oil free moisturiser.

Problem is – this causes the skin to become dry – when the skin becomes dry – it produces more oil, becomes more irritated – causing more acne.

The best way to treat Maskne is to cleanse with an oil cleanser. If the oil cleanser can be rinsed off – then it contains soap – this is not suitable. It has to be a wipe off  oil cleanser.

The oil cleanser attracts the dead skin cells, bacteria, makeup and sunscreen and gently removes them without drying out the skin or causing any irritation. The most effective way to do this is to gently massage the oil into the skin with clean dry hands on a dry skin. Remove well with a wet warm muslin cloth or face cloth and repeat. If you are going to shower afterwards – then you can wash it off with the warm wet muslin cloth under the shower. Do NOT cleanse with a cleanser afterwards – if the cleanser in any way dries the skin – you will worsen the problem.

Follow this with a natural chemical free hydrating soothing moisturiser because if the skin is hydrated, it won’t produce oil.

Exfoliate  gently with a pink clay mask such as one from Mineral Co’s pink mineral mask because this will draw out impurities as well as lock in the moisture.

Avoid sunscreen if you are working in doors – you don’t need to wear sunscreen before 10 am in the morning or after 3 pm – remember you need your 20 minutes of sunlight a day for vitamin D to strengthen your immune system.

Only wear mineral makeup or natural makeup which treats your skin whilst you wear it – if possible – forgo all foundation all together, I love Ere Perez foundations – they are so good for your skin.

Only choose to use natural skincare – the chemicals in your skincare will be pushed back into your skin by the mask, and as the skin is your largest organ – this will affect your immune system – so of course I recommend the  Everything Skin Range!

Only wear silk or cotton masks– disposable masks and other fibres will exacerbate the problem, if not end up causing dermatitis. 

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