Gut loving, Collagen Boosting, Vegan, Creamy Spinach, Cannellini Bean & Mushroom Soup.
vegan collagen boosting creamy spinach and mushroom soup.

This VERY green looking soup is not only seriously delicious, but also vegan, collagen boosting and gut healing.


Fast to make and tastes delicious with gluten free Rosemary and Olive sourdough bread (available at Harris Farm Markets – although I am working on a recipe so will hopefully be able to post that soon!)


Spinach is loaded with nutrients and is extremely alkalising for the gut.


Garlic and onion are wonderful prebiotics – plus garlic feeds the healthy bacteria and kills off the bad bacteria.


Cannellini beans are high in fibre and protein, and mushrooms contain more vitamins, B12, iron and protein per gram than red meat does.


The cannellini beans replace cream to give the soup a lovely creamy consistency as well as boosting your collagen building protein!




2 cups chopped organic spinach (frozen is good too)


2 cups organic mushrooms diced


1 400 gm tin organic cannellini beans


4 organic garlic cloves chopped


1 organic onion chopped


Himalayan salt to taste


Pepper to taste


Fresh or dried basil to taste (fresh is best – but not always available)


Oregano fresh or dried to taste (fresh again is best)


500 ml – 1 litre vegan chicken stock such as Massell – or vegetable stock.


Olive oil


How to make


Gentle heat up the olive oil – don’t heat up too hot – if you keep the heat low, you maintain more of the nutrients.


Add finely chopped onion and garlic and gently sauté till caramelised.


Add spinach and cannellini beans. Now most people say to rinse the beans before use – but by doing so, you remove all of the nutrients so I use it – totally up to you.


On low heat bring to the boil – add stock to taste – more for a more liquid soup, less for a creamier soup.


Once spinach is cooked – place the ingredients in a blender – I use a Nutribullet – but any blender that purees will do.


Place it all back in the saucepan on a low simmer and add mushrooms, salt, pepper, basil, and oregano.


If too thick – add more stock.


Once mushrooms soft – serve – very green but very yum.


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