Massage is one of the oldest and most effective facial treatments, which although ideally done by a beauty therapist, is something you can do at home daily – even if it is just for a minute or two every day.


Even consciously massaging your facial creams, oils and serums into your face, neck and decolletage will dramatically improve the absorption of the products into your skin which means they will work more effectively than when not massaged in. Most beauty products evaporate on the skin – this is because they contain 70% to 90% water ( unlike the Everything Skin Range which is completely free of water – just active ingredients ) and therefore need to be massaged in so that you ensure that  the 10% – 30% active ingredients actually go into your skin.


Daily movement and blood flow to your face, neck and decolletage is something we have forgotten about because of the beauty industry pushing new gadgets and treatments to make more and more money.


So why does it work better than anything else?


One of the biggest reasons for dull, ageing skin, is the lack of blood flow in the skin and stagnant lymph nodes which are unable to move toxic fluid from the face into the lymph nodes under your armpit to remove toxins


This is also one of the reasons for other skin issues such as acne, congestion, sensitivity, inflammation in all its forms, puffy eyes, puffy skin, dull skin, thickened course skin and uneven tone and more.


By massaging daily, you will create a natural glow and a bright tone, you may even find your pigmentation fading as the dead skin cells begin to shed more actively and new fresh skin cells reach the surface healthier, plumper and brighter.


My best advice for massage is – use a few drops of the Everything Skin Oil and your clean hands daily – the oil is loaded with skin health ingredients giving your massage a added boost without you having to add serums.


Use the massage map in the picture above for the direction you need to work your hands on your face. Don’t stroke – work the skin on the face and around your eyes – be gentle around the eyes but still firm – the gentle tap tapping we are told to do is nonsense when you think beauty therapists ( like me) massage with 3 fingers around the eye area to get the blood and lymph flowing!


Massaging your neck should be in upward motions and then across the jaw again upwards.


Your decolletage should be massaged across, and then around the breasts in lifting and sweeping motions.


Don’t forget to massage the back of your neck and shoulders – this helps keep your muscles loose and relaxed and will loosen your jawline helping you deal with stress. When you clench your jaw – you are pulling at your neck muscles.


Need more help getting this right?


Book a glowing skin consultation and I will take you through the steps (minus the breasts for obvious reasons lol)

Yvette xx

Thank you for reading my blog!


I am Yvette van Schie, I am a holistic beauty therapist, skin nutritionist, skincare developer and makeup artist. I am passionate about sharing real beauty advice with a whack of reality.

For over 30 years I have worked with the best in the beauty and health industry as a trainer, educator  and product formulator and I still do – so my knowledge is diverse – I am not blinkered when sharing my information with you because everyone I speak to shares what they know, and I turn it into easy to digest information because I want my readers to feel empowered to make their own decisions and to feel that they are fully in control of their beauty and well being.


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