skin fasting. what, why & how.

This isn’t something like the 5/2 fast or the 16 hours fast. It is a technique some skin specialists and beauty therapists (like myself) have used throughout time to help the skin calm down when the client has inflamed their skin due to overuse of the wrong products, or their skins just need to calm down.

But skin fasting has taken on new meaning during COVID-19. Either because people’s funds have run low – and replacing products has not been affordable – or you are at home – living in pyjamas so face masking and multiple treatments went out the door with the work uniform.

But how does skin fasting work?

Skin fasting helps you figure out which products you use actually benefit your skin.

It’s not going completely cold turkey either.

If your skin is doing ok and you would just like to give it a break  – just cleansing twice daily and applying a simple moisturiser for a week or two could be exactly all your skin needs.

My version of skin fasting is to put you on 1 – 2 weeks of coconut oil only.

Cleansing and moisturising with coconut oil will calm down inflamed dehydrated and angry skin. It helps with congestion and dehydration because it repairs your acid mantle (your skin’s protective layer).

Long term it is not enough for your skin – a bit like fasting is good for a short while – but do it too long and you will have hunger issues.

We use too many skincare products on our skin today – our routines are generally over complicated because they are self-prescribed. So a skin fast will benefit everyone.

After a skin fast stick to a simple cleanse, moisturise and exfoliation program ( no aggressive peels please) – or use this opportunity to start anew with a beauty therapist prescription.

If you need help working out what your skin needs – book a glowing skin consultation with me – link in my bio!

Also – watch this space for my new products! I am hoping they will be ready for sale by the time you have finished your 2-week skin fast!

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