rose quartz crystal gua sha


Glowing Skin is only 5 minutes a day away with this gorgeous Pink Quartz Crystal Gua Sha.

Benefits of a Gua Sha are;

Decreases Dark Circles

Clears cystic acne

Reduces puffiness

Diminishes scars

Softens fine lines and wrinkles

Contours and sculpts

Brightens skin

Use it with the Everything Skin Oil daily – for only 5 minutes a day – following the diagram and you will see your skin take on a next level glow!

Want to enhance that glow factor?

Exfoliate first with the Everything Skin Scrub!


Gua Sha increases circulation in the skin improving the brightness and radiance.

Gua Sha movements are designed to stimulate lymphatic drainage.

Lymphatic drainage is the process of removing fluid from the body’s lymph nodes using massage. The lymphatic system doesn’t have its own “pump” and relies on the movement of the body to get it working.

As we don’t move our facial muscles as often as we would other muscles, Gua Sha is a wonderful method for stimulating the lymphatic system.

By cleansing the lymphatic system with the Gua Sha – toxins are removed from the skin reducing puffiness, eliminating the stagnant blood and bacteria so extremely helpful in clearing acne – even cystic acne.

Because it stimulates blood flow and removes toxins, using a Gua Sha is promotes plumpness of the skin and reduces puffiness and inflammation.

Added benefit it stimulates collagen growth by bringing fresh blood to the collagen cells, and through massage – removes dead collagen cells.

When you use your Gua Sha tool with the Everything Skin Oil not only does it help the Gua Sha to slide over the skin – but it also increases the skin’s absorption of the product. This ultimately helps you make the most out of your product and get maximum nutrient absorption! And there are sooooo many goodies in the Everything Skin Oil!

For acne and oily skin sufferers – the Gua Sha promotes the purging of excess oils and sebum from the skin, helping to prevent acne and breakouts – sometimes whilst you are working the tool over your face you will see white and black things on your face – that is the excess dead skin cells, sebum and blackheads being massaged loose – just cleanse your face with a warm organic muslin face cloth afterwards – or massage the Everything Skin Scrub into the skin for smoother and even “ glowier” skin! (I know that’s not a word – but wait till you do it and see what I mean!).

Additional information

Weight .05 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 1 cm

How to use

The shape of this Pink Quartz Crystal Gua Sha has been chosen because it can be used on every part of your face, and it is also large enough to be used on your décolletage, arms and body.

Hold it as shown in the image The Ethical Beauty Expert how to use your Pink Quartz Crystal Gua Shabe sure to use the Gua Sha in the way shown for best results.

First thoroughly cleanse your face with the Everything Skin Oil and Organic Muslin Face Cloth – you can also exfoliate first with the Everything Skin Scrub or if you have a lot of congestion, sebum build up or blackheads – exfoliate after using the Gua Sha (because all of the gunk will rise to the surface so easy to remove!)

Wash the Gua Sha with warm water and soap – if you would like to harness the energy of the Pink Quartz Crystal (it represents heart and love) wash it in salty water to ensure that it is clean.

Each movement should ideally be done 5 times for best results – it should only take you 5 minutes!

When finished – wash the Gua Sha again in soapy water or salty water – be careful! It is a delicate precious crystal 🙂



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