Face wipes a very dirty problem

Besides being a major contributor to landfill – face wipes are also one of the main cause for most women’s bad skin.

When the beauty industry decided face wipes were a great idea, I don’t know what they were thinking?

An adult alternative to nappy wipes?

If that was the case – yes – they are great for removing makeup after work if you want to refresh it before you go out. Or an emergency face cleanse on a plane (those sinks are so small!)

Problem is – we are all so time poor – and admit it – so lazy because of being time poor – so facial wipes became every girls’ best friend.

But just like nappy wipes – they take off enough dirt to feel clean – and just like nappy wipes – they leave a layer behind – which at the end of the day, needs warm water and a cleanser to get the skin super clean – or you will leave dirt behind – causing – you guessed it…….


I have seen a massive change in the health of skins today – and it is not a good one.

Beauty blogger Caroline Hiron says: “I can spot a woman that uses a cleansing cloth a mile off, it just looks like they haven’t washed their face properly. There’ll be residue around the hairline and her skin will look like it’s in dire need of some exfoliation.”

Sarah Chapman, beauty specialist, skincare expert and founder of Skinesis agrees: “I see a lot of women with skin that’s become blocked, sensitized and covered in rashes because of cloths come into my clinic. In a nutshell, I am not a fan.”

The reason for cleansing wipes’ aggravating nature is tri-fold.

Firstly, most wipes contain alcohol, to help the wipe hold onto ingredients. Alcohol is drying and irritating to the skin.

Secondly, they don’t actually clean the face completely as they don’t lift off oil and sebum and won’t remove dirt or makeup in its entirety and tend to leave a residue on the skin.

Thirdly, the ingredients and chemicals – including emulsifiers and surfactants used not just to clean but to keep the cloths moist but preserved – are extremely irritating for the skin – so if you have eczema, psoriasis, rosacea or any problem with your skin for that matter – or if you are dehydrated or dry, even if the cloths say they are for dry skin – are still going to cause major issues.

The best way to really get your skin clean – without it becoming striped and squeaky (squeaky is not good – it means you have removed the protective layer off the skin as well as killed all of the skin’s microbiome) is to cleanse with an oil cleanser

As always – I recommend the Everything Cleansing Oil! With our Organic Muslin Face Cloth – massage the oil in, wet the cloth and wipe it off! Easy as! 1,2,3!

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