Kissable Lip Pack

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Everything you need for the most perfectly hydrated, plump, youthful, smooth KISSABLE lips.

At 10% off! Normally $53 as a bundle it is only $47.70

Gently buff away dead skin with the hydrating gentle organic, ethical Everything Skin Scrub , then swipe on the Everything Skin Balm – the most healing anti-ageing skin balm ever made.

Kissable Lip Pack includes:

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The Everything Balm is your new best friend – you will never want to leave home without it – actually you won’t want to be anywhere in the house without it!

It has EVERYTHING you need for anti-ageing, hydrating and repairing  – lips, dry skin around eyes, cracked cuticles and any dry flakey spots on your face and or body.

It soothes dry chapped bits and plumps the skin (everyone likes plump skin – especially lips!)

Calms sunburnt skin – especially sunburnt lips!

With it’s powerful  ingredients – it is anti-ageing plus heals and protects – and – it won’t clog your skin.

it is a large 13 MLS – to ensure you have enough of it when you need it!

It contains more ingredients than any other balm on the market.- because I don’t like to waste space in a product – I like to fill every single drop of product with active ingredients!

Unlike most balms – it doesn’t contain petrochemicals such as mineral oil and Phenoxyethanol.

The Everything Skin Scrub has tiny perfectly round rice grains to deeply exfoliate the skin – lifting dirt, dead skin cells, blackheads, wax plugs and everything you don’t want or need off your skin.

Whilst this is happening – the larger perfectly round coconut shell powder beads are stimulating blood flow to your skin – enhancing collagen renewal.

Coffee seed extract – stimulates collagen renewal, moisturises the skin, boosts circulation and protects your skin from the sun.

Natural. 80% Organic. No nasties. Vegan. Ethical. Non-comedogenic. Sustainable. Palm oil free. Aussie made. Not tested on animals, just friends and family. (So unless you count cousin Bob, we’re good.)


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