Pink French Clay Mini Mask


These Everything Skin Mini Masks might be mini in size, but they pack a serious punch when it comes to improving your skin – because they are 100% active, beautiful, clean, ventilated French Clay, sourced and sun-dried in  France.

The Pink French Clay Mini Mask Beauty Bundle is the perfect way to get the best from your Mini Mask. Increasing your skin’s Glow Factor!

Plus it makes the cutest of gifts – for someone special (well that’s you isn’t it?)

Because the Mini Masks are not full of fillers, just active ingredients and the water you add, they are best used with the gorgeous Mini Mask Applicator Brush – it makes it so much easier! And the Organic Muslin Face Cloth saves your face washer’s from becoming stained.


Pink clay is perfect to use on every skin type, particularly sensitive and dry. Enriched in minerals it can help to restore and replenish the skin by locking in moisture and draw out impurities whilst lightly exfoliating the skin to reveal a glowing complexion due to its slightly grainy texture.

For dry and sensitive skin types pink clay stops any irritation and inflammation whilst promoting a healthy cell turn over, which results in dry skins concerns such as dry flaky patches on the skin and look visibly brighter and smooth in appearance. Another reason pink clay is great for drier skin types is to do with the that the fact the clay doesn’t remove skin’s natural oils which keeps it balanced and comfortable.

Dehydrated skins will also notice how the skin feels more plumped and glowing with a helping hand from pink clay to stay hydrated, which can seem like a tricky task in colder temperatures. Luckily pink clay can protect the outer layer of skin from environmental aggressors, such as the weather and pollution.

Oily skins will experience a completely different selection of results when using pink clay. Don’t be fooled by the gentle approach of this clay on sensitive skin, it is indeed gentle, but powerful. Congested, blemish-prone skin will find pores are minimised, blackheads and spots are reduced and no signs of aggravation to cause any further breakouts.

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100% active, beautiful, clean, ventilated French Clay, sourced and sun-dried in  France.

The minerals found in pink clay are iron, illite, montmorillonite and calcite.

Calcite is a crystal and is said to be great for purifying your energy – what better way than to restore your energy than with a mask!?


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