Enzyme Exfoliating Mini Mask



The Everything Skin Enzyme Exfoliating Mini Mask might be mini in size, but it packs a serious punch when it comes to improving your skin – because it is 100% active, beautiful, clean, no binders, no nasties, no fillers – just pure active Australian ingredients.

The Enzyme Exfoliating & Soothing Mini Mask Beauty Bundle is the perfect way to get the best from your Mini Mask. Increasing your skin’s Glow Factor!

Plus it makes the cutest of gifts – for someone special (well that’s you isn’t it?)

Because the Mini Masks are not full of fillers, just active ingredients and the water you add, they are best used with the gorgeous Mini Mask Applicator Brush – it makes it so much easier! And the Organic Muslin Face Cloth saves your face washer’s from becoming stained.

The Enzyme Exfoliating Mini Mask can be use solely as a mask, or when it dries you can wet your fingers and use the fine rice grains to lift off all of the dead skin cells which it has beautifully yet gently loosened up.

Paw Paw and Pineapple enzymes gently eat away at the dead skin cells, dirt, pollution and excess oils on the skin and in the pores leaving the skin looking refreshed and dewy after use.

Lavender oil soothes the skin, and calms redness, whilst working as a antiseptic killing any unwanted bacteria for the enzymes to break down and eat.

The rice grains slough off all of the loosened dead skin cells and dirt, oil and bacteria whilst the pink clay refreshes the skin, and repairs the surface layer.

The Enzyme Exfoliating Mini Mask can be used before the French Red Clay Mini Mask for a extraordinary anti-ageing face lift.

Additional information

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 2 cm



Pink Australian Clay,

Organic Rice powder*,

Oat Kernel Powder,

Pineapple Enzyme,

PawPaw Enzyme,

Organic Lavender Oil*

*Certified Organic


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